Fish and Smoke Shed, Colyton, EX24 6LS

Smoked Fish Shed

Here at our riverside home in Colyton, we have a smoking shed where we smoke some fabulous fish. And we still use the same local, sustainably caught fish that we stock in the adjoining fishmongers.

Haddock from the colder, deeper waters off the south-west of Cornwall. Mackerel and Herrings from the inshore day-boats. Salmon from Loch Duart in the far north of Scotland. And coming soon...... Rainbow Trout from literally up the valley from here.

After filleting we cure the fillets before drying and then hot or cold smoking using Oak or Hickory. Finally, a good wrap up for 24hrs to make sure we get the smoke flavour penetrating through the fish.

Smoked Fish | Colyton  

Smoked Fish | Colyton