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Lyme Bay Seafood Co

Fresh, local, sustainable fish and shellfish from Lyme Bay and beyond.

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The Start of a Lifelong Passion

The passion for all things fish was ignited for our founder, Simon Baker, when he was taken fishing by his father as a child before bagging a part-time job at his local North London wet fish shop and learning his trade.


The Sowing of the Seed

Simon's career started by running a public house before entering into the world of food retail which took him all over the south-west. A desire to become more directly involved with food moved Simon onto a GM role with a local pie and pasty company where the passion for more local food and smaller producers started to really grow.


Honing the Craft

Having worked for others all his life there came a point at which it was time to stride out on his own, gave up the management role and went back to the fishmonger trade achieving his Master Fishmonger standard accreditation at the beginning of 2021.


The Birth of LBSCo

Lyme Bay Seafood was born out of lockdown and is the culmination of 30 years' experience in food and retail.


Lyme Bay and the Lyme Bay Conservation Area produce some fantastic quality fish and shellfish which changes throughout the season - Plaice, Turbot, Brill and Dover Sole, Bass, Bream, John Dory, Skate, Pollock and Lobster, Brown and Spider Crab, hand-dived Scallops, Mussels, Clams.

Image Credit: Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve


There is a large day-boat fleet stretched all along the coast which use sustainable methods to catch their quarry - rod and line caught, pots and static nets - these methods ensure the fish and shellfish reach the shore in top class condition. 


Day-boat fish, as the name suggests, has come out of the sea that day and whether brought direct to my door that evening or purchased the very next morning from the market, the fish and shellfish reaches you properly fresh.

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Our Process

1) We Fish

Fresh fish and shellfish are purchased either directly from the local fishers and suppliers or from the 2 regional markets - Brixham and Plymouth

2) We Prep

The various different ways of preparing the fish - cleaning, filleting, steaking, skinning - and cooking of shellfish are done at our processing unit in Colyton, Devon - just inland from the Lyme Bay coastline.

We also smoke our fish to produce fantastic smoked mackerel ( and patè ) haddock ( and other local white fish ) hot and traditionally smoked salmon.

3) You Enjoy

You can purchase directly from the unit in Colyton ( EX24 6LS ) between Tuesday and Saturday

Smoked Fish Shed

Here at our riverside home in Colyton, we have a smoking shed where we smoke some fabulous fish. And we still use the same local, sustainably caught fish that we stock in the adjoining fishmongers.

Haddock from the colder, deeper waters off the south-west of Cornwall. Mackerel and Herrings from the inshore day-boats. Salmon from Loch Duart in the far north of Scotland. And coming soon...... Rainbow Trout from literally up the valley from here.

After filleting we cure the fillets before drying and then hot or cold smoking using Oak or Hickory. Finally, a good wrap up for 24hrs to make sure we get the smoke flavour penetrating through the fish.

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Smoked Fish

Our Team

Our produce is always in great hands

Meet The Founder

One of the most exciting things about running this business is that from one day to the next you never know...

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What our Customers Think

Bloomin' Gorgeous Smoked Kippers

Simon smoked these kippers - brushed it with melted butter and grilled it. Absolutely delicious, smoky and slightly sweet, moist, lovely texture - bloomin' gorgeous.


If you haven't tried the fish from Lyme Bay Seafood Co yet, you need to go there. Just had some of their own smoked mackerel. Wow!! Never tasted anything that good.

Curry Inspiration

Made fish pakora and Thai curry with the fish mix - both were beautiful, thank you.

The Perfect Lunch

Delicious scallops and squid for a cheeky lunch, fish pie for supper, lovely

Best Smoked Salmon Ever

Best Smoked Salmon I have ever had. Even Tom Kerridge 'liked' it.

Shellfish Platter

Thank you for the fabulous shellfish platter, will definitely be back for more.

Seafood Platter

Just very much enjoyed one of Simon's seafood platters, just wonderful. The mix of flavours were just so good, highly recommended.

Skate Wing and Pollock

Lovely skate wing and pollock with baked lemon and beurre noisette, thank you.


Delicious Monkfish last night, thank you. Cooked in Vermouth with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Smoked Salmon

Not sure how long your smoked salmon will last!!! Absolutely delicious.

Yummy Fish Pie

Ate our fish pie tonight, it was yummy.


Loved the kippers, so great to have you down the road.

Love for John Dory

We had our first John Dory last night and it was delicious.

Divine Hot Salmon

The hot smoked salmon is divine.

Crab Lingunie

Fabulous service and fabulous fish at Lyme Bay Seafood Co. Bought some of their crab for a linguine and their own smoked haddock which was amazing.

How to Find Us

Fish and Smoke Shed, Colyton, EX24 6LS 

Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 4pm

Saturday: 9am - 2pm