Fish and Smoke Shed, Colyton, EX24 6LS

March 2023

How has the cost of living crisis affected what we do?

For a start we have had the same huge hikes in electricity as everyone else, in fact ours doubled in price. We used to charge our laptop and phones at work so 'it went through the business' but actually our domestic electricity is cheaper so we now use as little electricity as possible at work, even turning off empty fridges after we close on a Saturday until Tues morning.

The fuel price increases have also affected the fishing fleets especially the larger vessels who have to fish for longer periods in order to get the efficiences matched to the value of the catch.

This will inevitably start to affect quality in some cases so we still continue to buy as much as we can from the inshore day boat fleet. But, through the winter when the wind and weather can prevent many of these smaller boats from fishing the cost of fish goes up as there is less of it being landed.

So how do we keep the price of our fish affordable?

If you are a customer of ours you will know that we champion seasonal as well as local fish. So when Flounders, Megrim (Cornish) Sole and Witch ( a cold water flat fish with a beautiful fillet ) are in season through the winter then we will have them on the counter because they don't cost as much therefore we can pass on the better price to the customer.

I still stand by the fact that we can offer a decent portion of fish at £3.50-4.00 . Now it might not be prime Cod loin or Turbot but other fish are affordable and it introduces you to many more species of fish that are equally delicious. If you like your fish you might think we are a bit tight with portioning but you get my drift.

Unfortunately, we are subject to price increases that we cannot escape – Salmon has gone up 20% in price in the last 2 weeks!!!

Anyone for Witch ???