Fish and Smoke Shed, Colyton, EX24 6LS


First of all I would like to point out that I am not a chef....... I have taught myself to cook using recipe books and watching and absorbing the work of some of our great chefs on TV. Many of our customers are great cooks and frequent conversations occur in the shop about which fish to use and how dishes turned out. It is always great to see some of our commercial customers creating amazing dishes from whatever I deliver to them in season.

Many people are not confident with cooking fish and therefore will only eat fish when they go out. The recipes here are all achievable for even self-confessed unconfident cooks. We always try to help customers with their purchases so that they are able to cook with confidence.

One of the key things customers are worried about is when recipes say 'boned and skinned' and this is where we pride ourselves on preparing the fish however you want – whole, cleaned, filleted, steaked, pin-boned, scaled, skinned etc.

I am a Recognised Fishmonger certified under the Master Fishmonger Standard by Fishmongers Hall so nothing is too much to ask preparation-wise.

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